One thing that makes the Far West the unique and ever-changing mosaic that it is is the transient nature of the U.S. military population, who account for a large portion of our populace. People come and go every year in the Far West, and this can present both blessings and challenges.

Some strong friendships are forged in the crucible of an overseas assignment. Some baronial and local officers are forced to move away too quickly to allow for a smooth handover to their successors. Some newcomers may need to make contact with recent members to help find others in their area. For these and any number of other reasons, it may be useful to maintain a list of current contacts for former Far Westerners. Feel free to ask for help, or just to say "hi".

Please help us maintain this list. If you see outdated information (your own or someone else's) please update it if you are able, or flag it with {{update}} if you are unable to update it yourself.

Name Group Left Last seen in: Updated E-mail
Friar Jak Graeme of Ardmoor (Baron 2007 Heavy, & 2012 Rapier) Incipient Port of An'Toban or Shielded Harbor Nov 2015 Provence of Arrows Flight, Artemesia Dec 2018 
Isabeau Bernac Warrior's Gate 2013 Dragonsspine (Outlands) Sept 2013 [update needed]
Robert Hunteman Warrior's Gate 2013 Dragonsspine (Outlands) Sept 2013 [update needed]
Wilhelm Meis Battle Rock March 2012 Dragonsspine (Outlands) Sept 2013
Jambres the Innocent Warrior's Gate

Nov 2008

Mag Mor (Calontir) Nov 2013

Kathryne Gordon Warrior's Gate July 2006 Flintheath (Drachenwald) Nov 2013
Morgan Rowanwaif Warrior's Gate June 2004 Caerthe


April 2016
Ciana Scholari di Polcenigo (formerly Isabeau-Sophia di Polcenigo) World's Edge/Fortaleza de Islas de las Velas Latinas June 2002 Darkstone (Northshield) July 2016
Barone Christoforo Alfonso Pallavincino da Firenze Barony of Far West (lived in civilian lands) August 1995 Nordskogen (Northshield) January 2015