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Robert In Armor Photo

Robert During the Fall Coronet Tourney 2011

My name is Lord Robert Hunteman, Palatine Baron of the Far West, late of the Stronghold of Warrior's Gate. I have resided in many kingdoms and Baronies of the Known World since first joining the Society in A.S. XXIV (1989 Gregorian) in the Barony of Bhakhail within the East Kingdom. Within the Society I have fought with rattan and with rapier, I have sung around countless campfires and busked on merchant's row at Pennsic. I have made armor, garb, mead, bad puns, and inappropriate comments to women all in my time. I was a founding member of the Corvus Aurorae, a household in the Barony of Dragonsspine in the Kingdom of the Outlands and I still serve as Ships Surgeon (in absentia). I now make my home in Warrior's Gate, having returned after a 16 year absence to the place of my birth. I have served as Herald for the Stronghold in the past, and now act as her Marshal. I am joined here by the fair Lady Isabeau Bernac, my lady wife, as well as my children Cecilia and Christopher. My home in on the U.S Army Garrison in Yongsan, or Dragon Hill in our language. If any travelers find themselves within the borders or our fair lands please, send word and you will be welcome at our home.

  • Robert At the Baronial Coronet Tourney, Fall 2011, Golden Playne
  • Robert and Otto at the Baronial Coronet Tourney Spring 2011, Warriors' Gate
  • Spring Coronet 2011, Dinner out on the Town
  • Robert and Isabeau Fencing at a Demo 2009

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