Concept for the Baronial Passport to work towards earning this award.

Concept for the Baronial Passport to work towards earning this award.

"As travel throughout the Barony is difficult due to the distance between the different groups, Palatine Baroness Bernadette and Baron Phtuule created an award on October 23, A.S. XXXIX (2004) to recognise those that travel througout the Barony and to lands beyond our shores. The order consists of four levels, given in succession for the number of groups within the Barony visited by an individual. A trip outside the borders of the Palatine Barony may be used to fulfill one of the group requirements. Only one outside group may be used, regardless of the total number of outside groups visited.

"The four levels are Gules, Argent, Sable, and Or. For Gules, an individual must visit two groups, Argent, is three groups, Sable is four groups and Or is five groups. Members of this order are styled "Companions of the Order of the Tempest Tossed Traveler, Gules/Argent/Sable/Or Level" and may place the initials TTG (TTA/TTS/TTO) after their name. The token of the order is a colored bead representing the level achieved, suspended from a viking axe. An alternative token is a Viking axe on an appropriately coloured ribbon." (taken from the old website; this does not appear to be in the Customs and Traditions currently on file)

Sample Scroll TextEdit

(There is currently no scroll blank or award text on file for the T.T.T. If anyone wants to remedy this lack, please do so! - Abe Akirakeiko)

Members of the OrderEdit

Level 1: GulesEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Cedric CrispinOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Kathryne GordonOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Andrew WilliamsOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Antonio de la RosaOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Seraphine RaleighOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Isabella d'AngiersOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Guy la StrangeOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Cynesige of CaernarfonOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Tora TokaNovember-04Guy and Catya
Kage TatsuNovember-04Conrad and Marguirite
HadrurusNovember-04Conrad and Marguirite
Phuule de Costa TempestadMay-05Guy and Catya
Regan of Clan CampbellMay-05Guy and Catya
Phelan of Clan CampbellMay-05Guy and Catya
Stephan TotOctober-05Conrad and Marguirite
Vail ViscontiOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
GuinevereOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
GustavOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Otto SpilmanOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Huntress of Warrior’s GateApril 27, 2013Aibhilin and Otto

Level 2: ArgentEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Andrew WilliamsMay-04Guy and Catya
Isabella d'AngiersMay-04Guy and Catya
GuinevereOctober-05Conrad and Marguirite
Stephan the PiperOctober-05Conrad and Marguirite
Phtuule de Costa TempestadOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Tora TokaNovember-05Conrad and Marguirite
Kage TatsuNovember-05Conrad and Marguirite
Chabi UneganOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Jorunn SvarthaarOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Otto SpilmanMay 4, 2013Gladius and Guillemette

Level 3: SableEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Andrew WilliamsUnknownUnknown
Guy le StrangeOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Isabella d'AngiersOctober-05Conrad and Marguirite
Rothri de RossOctober 9, 2009Abe and Ii
Vail ViscontiOctober 9, 2009Abe and Ii

Level 4: OrEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Rothri de RossJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
Ii Saburou KatsumoriJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
Abe AkirakeikoJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine