Sea Griffin

Sea Griffin

"This Order recognizes those who are the very ideal of what the gentry of the current Middle Ages should be. It was established to recognize members of the populace who have made great sacrifices of themselves in service to the Barony, who have demonstrated great courtesy, chivalry, and grace at all times, and who have achieved much in the arts and sciences. This is a polling order; no member may be inducted unless the other members are in majority agreement. Every effort should be made to contact all members of the order. A majority of the members may also approach the Coronet with a candidate; however, in such a case, the Coronet is not obligated to induct members proposed by the order itself. The order was named after the principal charge on the arms of His Excellency Alwyn, Founding Baron Palatine of the Far West. The order was created by Baron Palatine Edward and Baroness Marixsa on November 3, A.S. XXVI (c.e. 1991). A companion of this order is styled "Companion of the Order of the Sea Griffon" any may append the initials "C.S.G." after his/her name. The token for this order is a silver-colored sea griffon on a red field, pendant from a yellow ribbon." (from the Customs and Traditions)

Sample Scroll TextEdit

(There is currently no sample text or scroll blank on file for the Sea Griffon. If anyone has this information and can upload it, that would be greatly appreciated! - Abe Akirakeiko)

Members of the OrderEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Sho Hoe the Western WandererJuly-89Sebastian and Eleanor
Marie de Serra de EstrellaJuly-89Sebastian and Eleanor
Richard of EdengaineAugust-91Eirik and Chryse
Ballister StonewiseAugust-91Eirik and Chryse
Adela de LillepointAugust-91Eirik and Chryse
Alwyn StewartAugust-91Eirik and Chryse
Bjorn SvensonAugust-91Eirik and Chryse
Maria de Serra de EstrellaNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Richard of EdengaineNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Robert de FecampNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Adela de LillepointNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Ulrich AlghardNovember 17, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Ariel de ChantreNovember 17, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Edward of EffinghamFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
David de FerreraMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Margaret de FerreraMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Simon d’Este of MantuaMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Chryse RaptesMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Amytis de FontaineOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Rebekah of HillsviewOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Lee Sharpeyes October 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Renee of BlackstoneOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Barnard the NamelessMarch-94Marie & Robert
Gra-Vair GrittissonJune 14, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Magnus MckinleyAugust 30, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Cynesige of CaernarfonNovember 9, 1997Toshlo & Siobhan
Bernard the NamelessNovember 9, 1997Toshlo & Siobhan
Aodhnait inghean mihc CartNovember 9, 1997Toshio & Siobhan
Erich von RotbartNovember 9, 1997Toshio & Siobhan
Kazimir Dimidowicz Dziecie November 9, 1997Toshio & Siobhan
HavelokOctober 23, 1999Brigit and Forgal
Morgan RowanwaifOctober-02Cynesige and Bernard
Guy la StrangeJuly-05Ysabelle and Stephan
CorriusOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Geoffrey de LebecheNovember-05Guy and Catya
Jak GraemeOctober 24, 2009Katherine and Rothri
Ii Saburou KatsumoriJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
Abe AkirakeikoJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
Robert HuntemanSeptember 29, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Isabeau Bernac (Formerly Isabeau of Warrior's Gate)September 29, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Otto SpilmanSeptember 29, 2012Jak and Thomasina