Oriental Dragon

Oriental Dragon

(Previously known as the Order of the Green Dragon)

"This is the Baronial award given to recognize great skills in the arts or sciences. It is given to those who both do and teach. A companion of this order is styled "Companion of the Order of the Oriental Dragon" and may append the initials "C.O.D." after his/her name. The token for the order is a gold-colored dragon on a billet of green jade pendant from a chain." (from the Customs and Traditions)

Sample Scroll TextEdit

"Know ye that We do recognize those whose unique contributions in the Arts and Sciences have greatly enriched Our Barony. We are therefore minded to acknowledge these skills by admitting [Recipient] into the Order of the Oriental Dragon."

(The scroll blank for the Order of the Oriental Dragon needs to be changed to correct a misspelling. Watch this space. - Abe Akirakeiko)

Members of the OrderEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Yolanda the WandererSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Dalydd ap MorganSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Charric van der VleetSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Pierrene de Ia TappaserrieSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Gloria KnightstarSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Aiwyn StewartSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wuifric
Rhianon ferch Llewilyn apSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wuifric
Megan the CoutesanJanuary-88Trucie & Wuifric
Jevon FairbainFebruary-88Jehan & Megan
Damhnat nic DisdealbhaighMay-88Jehan & Megan
Wuifric StrongbowMay-88Jehan & Megan
Trude LacklandiaMay-88Jehan & Megan
Galen the SeneschalMay-88Jehan & Megan
LetitiaMay-88Jehan & Megan
Sebastien MabilleJuly-88Jehan & Megan
Margaret Drysllwyn of DunrothJuly-88Jehan & Megan
Eleanor MabilleFebruary-89Derek
Dougal McConnelFebruary-89Derek
Maria de Serra de EstrellaFebruary-89Derek
Adela StonewiseFebruary-89Derek
Kashandra the PhoenicianApril-89Derek
Cedric del Draco VerdeJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Sho Hoe tile Western WandJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Klaus MagnaffsonJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Cerridwyn ul MornaJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Holly ODunneJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Isleif RromstoneJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Collin McKayJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Thora KualvenFebruary-91Ulrich & Ariel
Simon dEste of MantuaFebruary-91Ulrich & Ariel
lstvan Matra Hegylanc KoruJuly-91Ulrich & Ariel
Alicia Gabrielle de FougereDecember 16, 1991Edward & Marixsa
David de FerreraFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Margaret de FerreraFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Bjorn SvenssonFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Conrad Ans CambriJuly 15, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Robert de FecampOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Seban en el IskandariyaOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Dore van der ZeeJanuary 5, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Gandalphus VestatorJanuary 5, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Amytis de FontaineJanuary 5, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Adrienne Branwyn JencurJanuary 5, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Eoghan CuchailleJanuary 5, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Cynesige ap CaernarfonApril 9, 1994Fore & Marixsa
Marixsa of CrawfordmuirApril 9, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Constance of PurnessApril 9, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Thomas MacCuritinJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Hjordis Live Sly Vig ValdOctober 8, 1994Marie & Robert
Elizabeth MothbyNovember 9, 1996Gormlaith & Alfredo
Sean Angus McNabNovember 9, 1996Gormlaith & Alfredo
Tzigane November 9, 1996Gormlaith & Alfredo
Laay Aocflrnat $ngflean rnfliFebruary 8, 1997Gafstan and Ama Ryah
Miady Anne FentonAugust 16, 1997Aodhnait and Erich
DemetraAugust 23, 1997Aodhnait and Erich
Siobban ni StandunAugust 30, 1997Aodhnait and Erich
CenidwenAugust 30, 1997Aodhnait and Erich
Chacniaine de ChansonApril 4, 1998Cassiopeia and Owen
Anna Marie Nerelli April 18, 1999Havelok and Solange
Morgan RowanwaifApril-01Rainald and Annalise
Annora of YorkNovember 12, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Rainald KnuttsonNovember 12, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Lillian HawksworthNovember 18, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Davyd RobertsonNovember 18, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Fionn 0’ ConchobhairNovember 18, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Fernando del SantiagoNovember 18, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Angus McKay November 18, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Aleksandra RoseJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Cristyne Anne of Golden LakeJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Rothri de RossApril-02Cynesige and Bernard
Stephan TotMarch-03Guy and Kirsten
Bernadette de Costa TempestadOctober-03Fiona and Antonio
Ysabelle d'AngiersMay-04Johannes Brandwen
Rhiannon KilrainNovember-04Guy and Catya
Phtuule de Costa TempestadMay-05Guy and Catya
Hakima al-Zahra'bint Ibrahim al-WalidMay-07Katherine and Theirry
Stephan TotApril-08Vail and Marixsa
Katherine d’AquitaineApril-08Vail and Marixsa
Otto SpilmanApril-10Vail and Marixsa
Abe AkirakeikoApril-10Vail and Marixsa
Wilhelm MeisMarch 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana
Pipa FollywolleMarch 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana
Isabeau Bernac (Formerly Isabeau of Warrior's Gate)April 23, 2011Otto and Katherine
Robert HuntemanApril 23, 2011Otto and Katherine
Adam BransonJanuary-12Robert and Isabeau
Thomasina de BuckleySeptember 29, 2012Aibhilin and Otto