Empty Shell

Empty Shell

"This is the Baronial award established to honor those members of the Barony who have participated in the Barony's various activities thereby enriching it. This order is only given to members who are leaving the Barony. A companion of this order is styled "Companion of the Order of the Empty Shell" and may append the initials "C.O.E.S." after his/her name. The token of the Order is a small empty shell pendant from a blue and silver ribbon." (from the Customs and Traditions)

Sample Scroll TextEdit

"Long has Our Barony been subjected to the winds of change that convey Our good gentles to the four corners of the Knowne World. Therefore, the Order of the Empty Shell doth recognize those who have enriched Our fair Barony by reason of dwelling among us and departing hence. Wherefore, we do admit [Recipient] to this order, remanded to the pages of the sagas."

Scroll blank, Version 1 (Celtic), suitable for Palatine Baron or Baroness

Scroll blank, Version 2 (Asian), suitable for Palatine Baron or Baroness

Members of the OrderEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Susan DamsonApril 5, 1985Shire Order
Kevin DamsonApril 5, 1985Shire Order
Sabine de Ia RochelleApril 5, 1985Shire Order
Constance de EdessaApril 5, 1985Shire Order
Glen HalfdaneApril 5, 1985Shire Order
Jane CampbellApril 5, 1985Shire Order
Cullon Blacklicart Campbell April 5, 1985Shire Order
Chris Colter (mundane name)April 5, 1985Shire Order
Sean Angus MacNabApril 5, 1985Shire Order
Kurstin Ericsdotter April 5, 1985Shire Order
Michael Shade (mundane name)April 5, 1985Shire Order
TravironJuly-85Shire Order
Robert McleodAugust-85Shire Order
Ian McfaneOctober-85Shire Order
Sillan GarethNovember-85Shire Order
Galadriel du BoisNovember-85Shire Order
Charles DyeDecember-85Shire Order
Brian HawkDecember-85Shire Order
Bonnie BrandtDecember-85Shire Order
Tiene FaolDecember-85Shire Order
VulgarJanuary-86Shire Order
Tan of the AxeJanuary-86Shire Order
Robert de FecampFebruary-86Shire Order
Marie da Serra da EstrellaJune-86Shire Order
Miranda GrayeJune-87Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Dimitri VolkolvichSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Aether the UnrememberedSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Melisande of SummerwineSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Dafydd ap MorganSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Constance dOrleansSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Kirk FitzdavidSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Dalydd Sean ap HwylSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Gardell of BearpawSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wuifric
Rhiannon ferch Llwellyn ap SeraiNovember-87Trude & Wuifric
Andrew Richard of the Flaming ShieldNovember-87Trude & Wuifric
Talon DarkbladeNovember-87Trude & Wuifric
Richard the Quiet of Warrior's GateNovember-87Trude & Wuifric
James of WhitehuntNovember-87Trude & Wuifric
Pierrine de Ia TappaserrieDecember-87Trude & Wuifric
Awyn von BrietschieldDecember-87Trude & Wuifric
Alwyn StewartDecember-87Trude & Wuifric
Ilyana Vasilla AlexandrovaDecember-87Trude & Wuifric
Gundulphos HavocusJanuary-88Trude & Wuifric
Anosha of LandsendJanuary-88Trude & Wuifric
Cynthia de Ia ClabriaJanuary-88Trude & Wuifric
Ealachs FaolFebruary-88Jehan & Megan
Deborah of Warriors GateMay-88Jehan & Megan
Gloria KnightstarMay-88Jehan & Megan
Jadian the Silent BardMay-88Jehan & Megan
Damhnat ni OisdealbhaighMay-88Jehan & Megan
Johanus Black HeartMay-88Jehan & Megan
Ian McKenzieMay-88Jehan & Megan
Trude LacklandiaMay-88Jehan & Megan
Wulfric StrongbowMay-88Jehan & Megan
Michael LincusMay-88Jehan & Megan
Tully CerceMay-88Jehan & Megan
Catherine of the Silver TreeMay-88Jehan & Megan
Douglas McConnelApril-89Sebastien and Eleanor
Derek MacTaggartApril-89Sebastien and Eleanor
Kashandra the PhoenicianApril-89Sebastien and Eleanor
Sho Hoe tile Western WandererMay-89Sebastien and Eleanor
John of EzeretFebruary-91Eirik & Chryse
Cerridwyn ni MornaFebruary-91Eirik & Chryse
Olaf KettelsonFebruary-91Eirik & Chryse
Sarran KorvanFebruary-91Eirik & Chryse
Wilhielm WeissMarch-91Eirik & Chryse
Christonia Wesil of ResenheimMarch-91Eirik & Chryse
ShannonMarch-91Eirik & Chryse
KimMarch-91Eirik & Chryse
Vincente d’EliaJune-91Eirik & Chryse
Michael of PalenstineJuly-91Eirik & Chryse
Gregory the TrueJuly-91Eirik & Chryse
Thjora KualavenJuly-91Eirik & Chryse
Dirk RaygorJuly-91Eirik & Chryse
Rallister StonewiseAugust-91Eirik & Chryse
Addela de LillipontAugust-91Eirik & Chryse
Sedric del Draco VerdeAugust-91Eirik & Chryse
Luls el Pirata RiendoAugust-91Eirik & Chryse
Eirik HardraadiAugust-91Eirik & Chryse
Georgas Kieran McDugall August-91Eirik & Chryse
Meredith dom PierreAugust-91Eirik & Chryse
Kerrydd ShayNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
lstvan Matra Hegylanc KonalNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Cohn Mackay of Mornadilla BrouchNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Ariel do ChantreNovember 17, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Jonathan IronhandNovember 17, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Ulrich AighardNovember 17, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Edward of EffinghamFebruary 15, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
William IronhandsFebruary 15, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
JulianaJune 5, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Elgin of House EagleJune 5, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Brien CorwinJuly 15, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Alysia FourgereJuly 15, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Jeff DarkheartJuly 15, 1992Havoro & Cynesige
Laurence DrakeSeptember 13, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Conrad McGriffinSeptember 13, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Keith VollenweiderSeptember 13, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
James the WeaverSeptember 13, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
katrina do Ia Azure BramMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Regeuweald Acleah BoethtthramMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Richard of EdengaineMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Michael do FecampMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Luke Breen of Loch FinnMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Ian of LitchfieldMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Angela firch LlywdMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Simon dEste of MantuaMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Gordon McGregorMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Gordon McGregorMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Francis de OrsiMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Michelle de OrsiMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Celeste the PestMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Talbot StormeagleMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Erik von WinterthurMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Chryse RaptesSeptember 11, 1993Johann & Duvessa
David do Fererra September 11, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Diana de FererraSeptember 11, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Margaret de FererraSeptember 11, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Adriane de FererraSeptember 11, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Blitz de FererraSeptember 11, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Renee of BlackstarOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Eugenius Magnus ap LlywdOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Haarek StormhavenOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Tony PashodiaOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
JohannNovember 21, 1993Johann & Duvessa
DuvessaNovember 21, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Cameron de HalbyJanuary 5, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Dore van der ZooJanuary 5, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Lee SharpeyesApril 9, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Rebekah of HillsviewApril 9, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Sabatino de GalenteaApril 9, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Bridgettines EicheniaubJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Sebau en El lskandaryiatoJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Bernard the NamelessJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Cynesige of CaernarfonJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Rorgar the BrightJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
FrancesJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
CynthiaJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
TrevorJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Ella of the White LillyJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Eiren de Caer MichelJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Randel Louprose of RavensJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Eoghan Cu ChailleOctober-94Marie & Robert
Ryan WulfricOctober 8, 1994Marie & Robert
Ama Ryah tiap Illys do VisclFebruary-97Gafstan & Ama Ryah
Trude LacklandiaMarch 10, 1997Gatstan & Ama Ryah
Aislin RowanwaldMarch 10, 1997Gafstan & Ama Ryah
Gafstan Garret March 10, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Marcus Von ReilingenMarch 10, 1997Gafstan & Ama Ryah
MyrumJune 7, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Jane ButtlerJune 7, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
NancyJune 7, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Eowyn of KincoraAugust 30, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
William of WolfscapeAugust 30, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Anne Fenton of ColchesterApril 4, 1998Cassiopiea & Owen
Angus Owstyos April 4, 1998Cassiopiea & Owen
CassiopeiaSeptember 19, 1998Havelok and Solange
Brian O’NeilSeptember 19, 1998Havelok and Solange
Other SonSeptember 19, 1998Havelok and Solange
Turgis HakonsonApril 24, 1999Havelok and Solange
Venia of ValsgardeApril 24, 1999Havelok and Solange
Korimitsu TakedaJuly-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Maria YorstJuly-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Christopher StrangeJuly-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
David WeibelJuly-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Angus McKayNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Fernando del SantiagoNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Fionn O'ConchobhairNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Davyd RobertsonNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Lillian HawksworthNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
RavenNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
RupertNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Aidan di PolcenigoNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Isabeau-Sophea di PolcenigoNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Trahern ap SeruNovember-01Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Johann von MageburgJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Aleksandra RoseJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Cristyne Anne of Golden LakeJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
BrandonJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
ShajharJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Brian O’DeighteJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
AndrewJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Yael bat BoazJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Njall HamarskaldJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Alexandra Andrevna GrozkayaJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
TrystanJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
MerrickJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
AleksanderJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Constancius of LincolnshireJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
NatashaJanuary 19, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Edmund MorleyApril 21, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Constance MorleyApril 21, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
GwenllianApril 21, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Jamilla bint Janin January-03Guy and Kirsten
VebrandFebruary-03Guy and Kirsten
Robert d' Whitmont March-03Guy and Kirsten
Dean Tiger May-03Guy and Kirsten
Dawn Tiger May-03Guy and Kirsten
Barakson of Gunnar May-03Guy and Kirsten
Philippe Rhynsford May-03Guy and Kirsten
Katarina von Danzig May-03Guy and Kirsten
Tristan EverhartMay-03Guy and Kirsten
Celeste d'Arles June-03Guy and Kirsten
FionndaireJune-03Guy and Kirsten
Raefon "The Foolish and Misguided"June-03Guy and Kirsten
KirstenJune-03Guy and Kirsten
Kathryn DuBacJune-03Guy and Kirsten
Vincent DuBacJune-03Guy and Kirsten
EthanJune-03Guy and Kirsten
Germaine Jaubert l'Innocente June-03Guy and Kirsten
DanJune-03Guy and Kirsten
Leucardis de VindobonaJune-03Guy and Kirsten
Lyse Marousch D'RhysJune-03Guy and Kirsten
Segan Ap Kain June-03Guy and Kirsten
MoradainJune-03Guy and Kirsten
EnderJune-03Guy and Kirsten
BrantJune-03Guy and Kirsten
SaavikJune-03Guy and Kirsten
Margaret de FererraSeptember 11, 2003Johann & Duvessa
VebrandFebruary-04Johann & Duvessa
Branwen Ballard May-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Johannes von Gruefenburg May-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Wei Mei LiangMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Morgan RowanwaifMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Anthun BreathnachMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Theoric May-04Bernadette and Phtuule
ErlindaMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Stephan KellyMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
SeamusMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Lars MagnusMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Turstin FitzOsbernMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Caitlyn the Wanderer October-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Leucardis de Vindobona October-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Guinevere October-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Rinata leBech October-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Geoffrey leBech October-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Rhiannon Kilrain October-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Antonio de la Rosa October-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Isabella Francesca de FiranzeOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Allyssa Brundell of C tle BoltonMay-05Ysabelle and Stephan
KateMay-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Cadogan map CadoMay-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Eufemia Serafina de BergamoMay-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Fiona WigginsMay-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Dennis DarkhelmJuly-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Jadwiga de Zawada July-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Ambrose Norwichham July-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Segnat Donnchadh July-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Saraphine RaleighJuly-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Andrew Williams July-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Fernando del Santiago July-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Regan of Clan Campbell September-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Phelan of Clan Campbell September-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Catya MulyovskayaSeptember-05Ysabelle and Stephan
AriSeptember-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Elazar HakanaySeptember-05Ysabelle and Stephan
ElianaSeptember-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Fathir von Trier September-05Ysabelle and Stephan
KareenaSeptember-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Sophia von LeubeckOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Midori FujiwaraAugust-07Katherine and Thiebault
William FeatherstoneAugust-07Katherine and Thiebault
Brianna of Battle RockOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Njall HamarskaldeMarch 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana
Willem Troch de L'isleMarch 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana
Abe AkirakeikoApril 23, 2011Otto and Katherine
Ii Saburou KatsumoriApril 23, 2011Otto and Katherine
Aodhan mac Roberts of RomeJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
Pipa FollywolleJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
Rothri de RossJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
Bjorn Olfus (Formerly Turtious of the Ninth Legion)June 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
TatianaJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Wilhelm MeisJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Adelheyd of Battle RockJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Doyle of the 9th LegionJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Claritza of Battle RockJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Liz of Battle RockJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Robert HuntemanJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Isabeau Bernac (Formerly Isabeau of Warrior's Gate)June 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
John BowyerJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Skalla-Grimmr GormssonSeptember 29, 2012Jak and Thomasina
Cascata Nerina BjornsdottirApril 27, 2013Aibhilin and Otto
Asrune ReedApril 27, 2013Aibhilin and Otto
Stephen Hussein SimonApril 27, 2013Aibhilin and Otto
Mariyah of Warrior's GateApril 27, 2013Aibhilin and Otto
Huntress of Warrior’s GateApril 27, 2013Aibhilin and Otto
Aibhilin inghean Mhic UibhilinMay 4, 2013Gladius and Guillemette
Godfrey le Strange de NorthwodeMay 4, 2013Gladius and Guillemette
Guttorm RagnvaldssonMay 4, 2013Gladius and Guillemette
Isolde BeauforMay 4, 2013Gladius and Guillemette
Katherine NoxMay 4, 2013Gladius and Guillemette
Richard of Warrior's GateMay 4, 2013Gladius and Guillemette
Wyn CorbainMay 4, 2013Gladius and Guillemette