Burdened Bouget

Burdened Bouget

(Previously known as the Order of the Bouget)

"This is the Baronial service award. It was established to recognize members of the populace who have made great sacrifices of themselves in service to the Barony. A companion of this order is styled "Bearer of the Burdened Bouget" and may append the initials "B.B.B." after his/her name. The token for the order is a silver-colored bouget pendant from a red ribbon." (from the Customs and Traditions)

Sample Scroll TextEdit

"As it is in accord with Our will, We do bestow upon Our faithful and beloved [Recipient] the honor of the Order of the Burdened Bouget, by reason of service and untiring selfless devotion to Our Barony."

Scroll blank for Palatine Baron or Baroness

Members of the OrderEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Miranda GrayeJune-87Alwyn & Rhiannon
Charric van derVleetJune-87Alwyn & Rhiannon
David CampbellSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Gundolphus HavocusSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Yolanda the WandererSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Eric the WandererSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Olaf KatzenSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Alwyn von BrietscheidSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Vladimir Vladimorovich VIaidimirovSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Constance d’OrleansSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Deborah of Warriors Gate September 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Rhiannon ferch Liwellyn ap SeraiSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Aether the Unremembered September 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Alwyn StewartDecember-87Trude & Wulfric
Magon the CourtesanJanuary-88Trude & Wulfric
Trevor MacLeodJanuary-88Trude & Wulfric
Sho Hoe the Western WandererFebruary-88Jehan & Megan
Robert de FeCampFebruary-88Jehan & Megan
Maria de Serra de Estrella February-88Jehan & Megan
GharricFebruary-88Jehan & Megan
Wulfric StrongbowMay-88Jehan & Megan
Trude LacklandiaMay-88Jehan & Megan
Ian MckenzieMay-88Derek
Sebastian MabilleFebruary-89Derek
Eleanor MabilleFebruary-89Derek
Ballister StonewiseFebruary-89Derek
Timas MacAllaidh Markaich (Markish)February-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Detrick von SehwartzchildJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Darras OakenshieldJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Klaus MeganaffsonJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Cerridwen ni MornaJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Jevon FairbairnJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Connal MckayJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Erik Conner MacSwaseyJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Holly O’DuuneJuly-89Ulrich & Ariel
Isleif BrimstoneFebruary-91Ulrich & Ariel
Arai IzumiFebruary-91Ulrich & Ariel
Juliana von AltenfeldFebruary-91Ulrich & Ariel
Marixsa of Crawfordmuir February-91Eirik & Chryse
Bjorn SvensonJuly-91Edward & Marixsa
Margaret de FerreraJuly-91Edward & Marixsa
Simon d’Este of MantuaAugust 21, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Micah the DaneOctober 25, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Chryse RaptesNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Richard of EdengaineNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Kerrydd ShayNovember 4, 1991Edward & Marixsa
Ron, father of MichaelJanuary 4, 1992Edward & Marixsa
Ella du VerneJanuary 4, 1992Edward & Marixsa
Leticia de ScotiaJanuary 4, 1992Edward & Marixsa
Ellis O'BorneJanuary 4, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Konrad MacGriffonFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Bjorn SvenssonFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
David de Ferrera April 5, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Socha ByrmeughamJune 6, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Amytis de FontaineJune 13, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Cameron DHalbeyJuly 13, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Dore van derZeeJuly 15, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Brien CorwinJuly 15, 1992Johann & Duvessa
Alysia FourgereMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Regenweild Acleali BoetrthrMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Angela Firch LlywdSeptember 11, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Relinda GoodwinSeptember 11, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Haarek StormravanOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Rebekah of HillsviewOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Ella of the White LillyOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Michelle MacCuritinOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Thomas MacCuritinOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Bemard the NamelessOctober 9, 1993Christoforo and Marixsa
Kurtz Fitz-OsbornOctober 9, 1993Christoforo and Marixsa
Adrienna Keira TenourOctober 9, 1993Christoforo and Marixsa
James Daniel Valdez of Eternal WindsOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
WataliApril 9, 1994Christoforo and Marixsa
James Daniel Valdez of EteApril 9, 1994Christoforo and Marixsa
Sabatino de GalanteaJune 4, 1994Marie and Robert
Cynfor ap MeredithJune 4, 1994Marie and Robert
Gandolphus VastatorJune 4, 1994Marie and Robert
Contstance of PumessJune 4, 1994Marie and Robert
Christoforo Alfonso Pallavincino da FirenzeJune 4, 1994Marie and Robert
Anastasia VladimirovnaOctober 8, 1994Marie and Robert
Erik the TallerOctober 8, 1994Marie and Robert
Clara MCMillanOctober 8, 1994Marie and Robert
lisa WidjornOctober 8, 1994Marie and Robert
Catarina dCalavriaOctober 8, 1994Marie and Robert
Carys verch RhiannonOctober 8, 1994Marie and Robert
katerina von der KreigeJuly 27, 1996Gormlaith and Alfredo
His Liv Siv vig ValdJuly 27, 1996Gormlaith and Alfredo
Juliana von AtenveldtJuly 27, 1996Gormlaith and Alfredo
Elglin of House EagleNovember 9, 1996Gormlaith and Alfredo
Mercer of CornwallNovember 9, 1996Gormlaith and Alfredo
Magnus Mckinley, Richard LollNovember 11, 1996Gormlaith and Alfredo
Kurstin EriksciofferNovember 11, 1996Gafstan and Ama Ryah
Gorinlaith OLearyAugust 30, 1997Gafstan and Ama Ryah
Alfreido Lorenzo Martinni dAugust 30, 1997Aodhnait and Erich
Eowyn of kincoraNovember 9, 1997Aodhnait and Erich
William of WolfscapeNovember 9, 1997Toshio and Siobhan
Yuichi TokiNovember 9, 1997Toshio and Siobhan
Caewlin SilvertoungeNovember 9, 1997Toshio and Siobhan
Allan Roffuchs von HannovNovember 9, 1997Toshio and Siobhan
Aodhnait inghean mhic CartApril 4, 1998Cassiopeia and Owen
Brigit of MerciaSeptember 19, 1998Cassiopeia
CynseigeSeptember 19, 1998Cassiopeia
CerridwenJanuary 9, 1999Havelok and Solange
Njall HamarskaldNovember, 18 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Cristyne Anne of Golden LakeNovember 18, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Johann von MagdeburgJanuary-02Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Leucardis de VindobonaJanuary-03Guy and Kirstin
Noe the SaxonMarch-03Guy and Kirstin
Regan of Clan CampbellMay-03Guy and Kirstin
Katarina von DanzigMay-03Guy and Kirstin
Morgan RowanwaifMay-03Johannes and Branwwen
Segnat ingen ShonnchaidMay-03Johannes and Branwwen
Ambrose NorwichamMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Alyssa Brundel of Castle BoltonOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Bernadette de Costa TempestadMay-05Guy and Catya
Andrea WilliamsMay-05Guy and Catya
Jak GraemeOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Guy la StrangeOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Larian LeQuellaAugust-07Katherine and Noe
Margaret SeabornAugust-07Katherine and Noe
Marixsa of CrawfordmuirApril-08Vail and Marixsa
Ii Saburou KatsumoriOctober 24, 2009Katherine and Rothri
Abe Akirakeiko (Formerly Known as Aine Sindradottir)October 24, 2009Katherine and Rothri
Klement St. ChristophJune-10Abe and Ii
Saito TakaujiJune-10Abe and Ii
"Black" Harry AdamsOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Isabeau Bernac (Formerly Isabeau of Warrior's Gate)October 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Otto SpilmanOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Rothri de RossOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Thomasina de BuckleyOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Wilhelm MeisMarch 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana
Pipa FollywolleJune 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
Jorunn SvartharrOctober 22, 2011Otto and Katherine
Kaesó Flávius Artórius GladiusOctober 22, 2011Otto and Katherine
John BowyerJune 16, 2012Jak and Thomasina