Baronial Gallant

Baronial Gallant

(Previously the Order of the Hibiscus)

This is the Baronial award established to honor those members of the Barony who are at all times examples of courtesy and grace. A companion of this order is styled "Companion of the Order of the Baronial Gallant" and may append the initials "C.B.G." after his/her name. (from the Customs and Traditions)

Sample Scroll TextEdit

"There are those among the populace who are ever shining examples of grace and courtesy. These gentles bring the ideals of chivalry to life, and We would recognize and honor [Recipient] by admitting them into the Order of the Baronial Gallant."

Scroll blank suitable for Palatine Baron or Baroness

Members of the OrderEdit

Old Order of the Hibiscus

Constance D’OrleansSeptember 5, 1987Alwyn & Rhiannon
Dafydd ap MorganSeptember 6, 1987Jehan and Morgan
Gundulphus HavocusSeptember 6, 1987Jehan and Morgan
Eric the WandererSeptember 6, 1987Jehan and Morgan
Jehan de Ia MarchDecember-87Jehan and Morgan
Alwyn StewartDecember-87Jehan and Morgan
Megan the CourtesanJanuary-88Trude & Wulfric
Rhiannon ferch Uwellyn ap SeraiJanuary-88Trude & Wulfric
Vida o’Dells DotterFebruary-88Trude & Wulfric
ThiannonFebruary-88Trude & Wulfric
Yolanda the Wanderer February-88Trude & Wulfric
MeganFebruary-88Trude & Wulfric
Trevor McLeodFebruary-88Trude & Wulfric
Trude LacklandiaMay-88Sebastian & Eleanor
Ilyana Vasilia AlexandrovaMay-88Sebastian & Eleanor
Jevon FairbairnFebruary-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Sho Hoe The Western WandererJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Michael of PalestineFebruary-91Ulrich & Ariel
Michael de FecampFebruary-91Ulrich & Ariel
Robert de FecampMay-91Eirik & Chryse
Eirik HardraadiJuly-91Eirik & Chryse
Chryse RaptesFebruary 15, 1992Edward & Marixsa
Simon d’Este of MantuaFebruary 15, 1992Edward & Marixsa
David de FerreraFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Bjorn SvenssonFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Little SeanJuly 15, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Marie de Serra de EstrellaOctober-93Johann & Duvessa
Amytis de FontaineOctober-93Johann & Duvessa
Talbot StormeagleOctober-93Johann & Duvessa
Cynfor ap MeredithJanuary 7, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Rebekah of HillsviewApril 9, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Watari of Eternal WindsApril 9, 1994Foro & Marixsa
Erik the TallerJune-94Marie & Robert
Randel Louprose of Raven’s CoveJune-94Marie & Robert
Eiren de Caer MichelJune-94Marie & Robert
Ella of the White LillyJune-94Marie & Robert
Michelle MacCurtinJune-94Marie & Robert
Trude LacklandiaMarch 30, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Marcus von ReilingenMarch 30, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Gra-VaIr Grittisson June 7, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
NancyJune 14, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
KasimirAugust 16, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
M Anne FentonAugust 23, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
DemetraAugust 23, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Allan Rotfuchs von Hannov November 9, 1997Toshio & Siobhan

New Order of the Baronial Gallant

Fernando del SantiagoJuly-01Morgan and Wei,
Rainald KnuttsonOctober-01Morgan and Wei,
Rainald KnuttsonNovember-01Morgan and Wei,
Tora TokaOctober-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Stephan TotAugust-07Katherine and Thiebault
Vail ViscontiAugust-07Katherine and Thiebault
Robert HuntemannOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Adam de Ansætleh (formerly Edome of Hidden Mists)March 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana
Pipa FollywolleMarch 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana