Attic Helm

Attic Helm

"This is the Baronial award given to recognize fighters of high caliber. It was established to recognize members who, in addition to fighting skills, train new fighters and show chivalry on and off the field. A companion of this order is styled "Companion of the Order of the Attic Helm" and may append the initials "C.A.H." after his/her name. The token for the order is a gold-colored image of a Greek helm pendant from a red and gold ribbon." (from the Customs and Traditions)

Sample Scroll TextEdit

"Call We unto all warriors. There is one among your ranks who has shown great skill in the arts of combat and war. For these and other deeds, we would admit [Recipient] into the Order of the Attic Helm."

Scroll blank (new font) for a Palatine Baron or Baroness

Members of the Order Edit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Gundolphus HavocusSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Daltydd ap MorganSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Guy le ProvencalSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Olaf KatzenSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Trude LacklandiaSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Vladimir Vladimirovich VladimirovSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Daffydd ap MorganSeptember 5, 1987Aiwyn & Rhiannon
Jadian the Silent BardSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Rhiannon ferch Liwellyn apSeptember 6, 1987Trude & Wulfric
Richard the Quiet of Warrior’s GateNovember-87Trude & Wulfric
Alwyn StewartDecember-87Trude & Wulfric
Talon DarkbladeDecember-87Trude & Wulfric
Jehan de Ia MarchDecember-87Trude & Wulfric
Ealachs FaolFebruary-88Jehan & Megan
Sho Hoe the Western WandererFebruary-88Jehan & Megan
Robert de FecampFebruary-88Jehan & Megan
Kirk FitzDavidMay-88Jehan & Megan
Dalydd Sean ap hwylMay-88Jehan & Megan
Andrew Richard of the Flaming ShieldMay-88Jehan & Megan
Sebastian MabilleJuly-88Derek
Derek MacTaggartJuly-88Derek
Devon FairbainJuly-88Derek
Timmas Macallaidh MarkalApril-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Detrick von SchwartzchildJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
Darras OakenshieldJuly-89Sebastian & Eleanor
lstvan Matra Hegylauc KoruFebruary-91Eirik & Chryse
Konrad MacGriffonJuly-91Eirik & Chryse
Elgin of House EagleJanuary-92Edward & Marixsa
Leif ThofinsonFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Bjorn SvenssonFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Eugenius Magnus ap LlywdFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Talbot StormeagleFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Luke Breen of Loch FinnFebruary 18, 1992Havorc & Cynesige
Orwald the GrayMay 29, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Francis de OrsiOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Lee SharpeyesOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Haarek StorinravenOctober 9, 1993Johann & Duvessa
Eric Wearyorn (sp)January 5, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Sabatino de GalanteaJanuary 5, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Bernard the NamelessJanuary 7, 1994Johann & Duvessa
Cynfor ap MeredithApril 9, 1994Christoforo & Marixca
Duncan MacDonaldJune 4, 1994Marie & Robert
Thomas MacCurtinSeptember-94Marie & Robert
Christoforo Alfonso PallavinOctober-94Marie & Robert
Gra-VaIr Grittisson Brian May 25, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
TurpinAugust 30, 1997Aodhnait & Erich
Bernard the NamelessNovember 9, 1997Toshio & Siobhan
Allan Rotfuchs von HannovNovember 9, 1997Toshio & Siobhan
Wolfram FlammenhertzApril 4, 1998Cassiopiea & Owen
Angus OwstyosApril 4, 1998Cassiopiea & Owen
Viad September 19, 1998Cassiopiea
THL Bernard the NamelessSeptember 19, 1998Cassiopiea
Havelok MacClellan February 24, 1999Havelok and Solange
Turgis HakonsonJuly 7, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Trahern ap SeruJuly 7, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Fernando del SantiagoJuly 7, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Lillian HawksworthJuly 7, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Davyd RobertsonJuly 7, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
MariaJuly 7, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
Korimitsu TakedaJuly 7, 2001Morgan and Wei Mei LianG
SimonApril 21, 2002Morgan and Wei Mei Liang
CorriusMarch-03Guy and Kirsten
Barakson of GunnarMay-03Guy and Kirsten
Antonio de la RosaOctober-03Bernadette and Phtuule
Wei Mei LiangOctober-03Bernadette and Phtuule
Samuel PrestcoteOctober-03Bernadette and Phtuule
Johannes Von GruefenburgMay-04Bernadette and Phtuule
Corwyn of Wooten CombOctober-04Guy and Katya
Andrew WilliamsOctober-04Guy and Katya
Elezar ben ShemuelOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Guy La StrangeOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
Noe the SaxonOctober-05Ysabelle and Stephan
CynanAugust-07Katherine and Thiebault
Jak GraemeOctober 24, 2009Katherine and Rothri
Leonardo PhenixJune-10Abe and Ii
Aodhan mac Robert of RomeOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Adam de Ansætleh (formerly Edome of Hidden Mists)October 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Njall HamarskaldeOctober 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Bjorn Olfus (Formerly Turtious of the Ninth Legion)October 9, 2010Abe and Ii
Adam de Ansætleh (formerly Edome of Hidden Mists)October 10, 2010Abe and Ii
Otto SpilmanMarch 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana
Bjorn Olfus (formerly Turtious of the Ninth Legion)June 18, 2011Otto and Katherine
John BowyerJanuary-12Robert and Isabeau
Christoph DegenhardtApril 28, 2013Gladius and Guillemette
Lars MagnusApril 28, 2013Gladius and Guillemette