"This honor was established to recognize and encourage all up and coming youths of the Barony who perform and excel in the graces, virtues, skills, and talents that the Society professes. This honor shall be given to all youths whom the Coronet deems worthy and needful of recognition by the Populace of the Barony and Society in general." (from the Customs and Traditions)

Sample Scroll TextEdit

"According to the legends, the god Izanagi thrust his spear into the ancient oceans. When he pulled it forth, the brine that dripped from the spear formed the islands of Japan. Thus is the spear a symbol of creation and the future. There is a youth among us who has begun this journey into the future in a fine and goodly fashion. Therefore, for showing grace, virtue, skill and talent, We would bestow upon you, [Recipient], the Honor of Izanagi's Spear. We charge you to bear it well, to honor those who come before you, and to serve as an example to those who will follow you."

Scroll blank for a Palatine Baron or Baroness

Recipients of the AwardEdit

Award Recipient Date Awarded Inducted by
Steven of Battle RockMarch 26, 2011Turtious and Tatiana
Cecilia of Warrior's GateApril 23, 2011Otto and Katherine
Edward of AragonMay, 2003Guy and Kirsten
Joshua son of "Black" Harry AdamsApril, 2010Vail and Marixsa
Haley ClaypoolApril 27, 2013Aibhilin and Otto