(Original text from an email sent by then Baroness Ysabelle, June 13, 2005 and posted on the West Kingdom History page):
On the 20th day of June in the year Anno Societatis 22, Gregorian 1987, our Barony came into existence, and this is how it came to pass. There once was a Jade king who justly ruled over the lands of the Western Kingdom with honor and fairness. One day he heard of the riches in the Orient and desired to increase his lands into that ancient world. So he sent their Excellencies, Baron and Baroness Alwyn and Rhannion to expand his territories and explore these strange and distant lands. After sharing his majesty's sovereignty with far-away provinces their Excellencies settled in a province that was renowned for its tribes of warriors and they duly named it the Stronghold of Warriors gate. King Jade was so pleased that he granted the Baron and his consort a fiefdom and dubbed it "The Barony of the Far West", and there was much rejoicing, yay.

Their Excellencies looked across the great waters to the Barony of the Western Seas of the Kingdom of Caid to learn how to rule and adopted their custom of deciding the coronet by right of contest and that custom is still practiced to this day; however, the present system by which to judge was modeled after the Kingdom far to the east of our own which is called Midrealm. Mistress, Baroness Marixsa of Crawfordmure, who is the longest residing member of this Barony, brought that system to our shores. She was also the first woman to be consort Baroness twice.

The oldest stronghold in the Barony is our beloved Warriors Gate; followed by The Canton Battle Rock, then Vale de Draco, Eternal Winds, Worlds Edge, and Agent Serpent. Battle Rock has been known by several names including Blue Isle & Chuzon, while Vale de Draco was born out of the Port of Nihon Yama, and Worlds Edge was once know as Fortaleza de Islas de las Velas Latinas. Since the founding of our Barony we have enjoyed periods of influence of countless Barons and Baronesses up to the reign of our current, their Excellencies, the Baroness and Baron, Ysabelle d'Angiers and Stephan the Piper.

-- written by the hand of Ambrose Norwich


  • April 1986 (AS 20) - "Protectorate of the Far West" registered.
  • June 1987 (AS 22) - "Shire of Warrior's Gate" registered.
    • June 20 - The official founding of the barony.
  • December 1987 (AS 22) - "Barony of the Far West" registered.
  • January 1993 (AS 27) - "Stronghold of Eternal Winds" registered.
  • February 1995 (AS 30) - "Canton of Battle Rock" registered.
  • December 1996 (AS 31) - "Fortaleza de Islas de las Velas Latinas" registered.
  • June 1998 (AS 33) - "Stronghold of Vale de Draco" registered.
  • October 2009 (AS 44) - Incipient Canton of the Golden Plains announced at West Kingdom's Fall Crown Tournament.

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