The Far West Tidings is the newsletter of the Palatine Barony of the Far West. So far, this newsletter has been published roughly quarterly by the Far West Chronicler, though in response to recent growth, there is now talk of transitioning to a more condensed monthly format.

How you can helpEdit

The Chronicler needs YOUR help, and fortunately, there are many simple, easy ways you can provide the help needed. The Chronicler is perpetually in need of the following items, and more inputs from more people makes a more robust newsletter and helps the barony grow.

  1. A few words from each Baronial officer ◊
  2. A few words from each Local Seneschal ◊
  3. Event announcements ◊ for all events throughout the barony
  4. Award announcements from court heralds ◊
  5. Works of art † - a little cover art goes a long way!
  6. Articles, research papers, class handouts, etc. † - anything that covers a related topic without violating anyone else's copyright
  7. Songs - your own compositions †, or period works ◊ (all medieval works are public domain)
  8. Recipes † - medieval or modern, or just a quick "how to" for fighters

◊ Official communications, such as event announcements, are not considered creative works. Grant of Use is not needed for these entries.

† Please remember to include a completed Grant of Use form with all creative works, including graphic art, songs, poems, articles, or anything else YOU have written. If you submit a public domain work, just tell us where you got it from (no Grant of Use form needed).

Current issueEdit

The most current issue of the Far West Tidings will be posted here, so that it may be accessible to all. Click the link to download.

  • December 2011 Christmas edition [PDF] - This special holiday edition includes songs from around the Far West, medieval Christmas carols, music reviews and several articles on the bardic arts, heraldry, and other topics of interest.

Archive issuesEdit

Back issues of the Far West Tidings may be posted here for future reference. Click the link to download.