The Far West Liaison is the Barony's physical voice in the Kingdom of the West. She answers questions or directs the populace to try to the right person to get information from in the central kingdom. She gets the barony's message out to the crown and other peers when members of the populace can not be there in person to press our point. She is a great sounding board for the Coronet in general.

With Their kind permission, she stands in for the Baron and Baroness when oaths of fealty are exchanged at 12th Night, Beltaine, and Purgatorio.

Current Far West LiaisonEdit

  • Mistress Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP

Siobhan is the first and current Far West Liaison. She has been in the SCA for a very long time and has worn many hats (not the least of which is Kingdom Senechal), and has many contacts that help us further strengthen our ties with the Kingdom as a whole. She is a great source of knowledge and understanding.

Background of the Far West LiaisonEdit

In AS 34 (or before), Mistress Siobhan ni Seaghdha was Kingdom Seneschal. During her tenure, it became clear to that with the short term nature of many baronial residents, information was being lost. Often, no one knew how things worked or how to get things accomplished from so far away; she constantly reminded the baronage to send in their fealty; and often folks had beliefs about stuff that were wrong. There was no one to help with continuity.

She wrote up a set of FAQs for the website, and supported Sir Guy and the others who wanted the Barony to be able to give out Awards of Arms (most Palentine Baronies can not).

After stepping down as seneschal, she continued to assist the barony, creating a new position: that of the Far West Liaison.