• Full Name: Stronghold of Eternal Winds
  • Location: Misawa, Japan
  • Website: There is currently no active website
  • Status: ??


40px-Wk seneschal Seneschal - ??


Need historical information for this branch.

From 1991 to 1995 I was in the Stronghold of Eternal Winds. I was Seneschal from 1991 - 1993 (approxamate) and when I arrived at EW the group was going inactive, due to members all PCS'd out. I got the records from the last SCA family there, and with their help we did do a couple of quick demo's before they left about a month and a half after I arrived.

I lucked out because the new head librarian flew in and inprocessed with me and we had a good friendship. Which meant that we did a lot of demos at the library, used the library meeting rooms for meetings and also did A&S displays there. He also referred High School Students with a serious medieval interest to me, since I had a better medieval library than the base library. . . . We did get a couple of serious high school students joining that way.

Six months after I arrived, Dore and Brett arrived. Pretty much Dore, Brett and I ran EW for at least the first 2 years we were there, since we were the only ones with experience. For those two years, we had a membership between 10 - 15 people, which got together a lot for costuming, fighting and feasting - oh and demos. . . we had so many demos Dore and I made a demo box. Someone would ask us for a demo - and we'd just throw the box in the van. We also did photo shoots (dress up in medieval clothes and get a photo) as a money raiser at the air shows, demos at the library, and demos downtown Misawa for the American Days Cultural exchange. Dore and I also did the autocratting and feastocratting for almost all the events at that time - we'd look at each other and say " whatdoyouwannado this time? Autocrat or Feast?" We had really good feasts - which brought many of the dorm rats into EW.

When I left EW in 1995 we had over 50 members. I will add more as time allows from those years, and find some pics to upload.

Sincerely HL Amytis de la Fontaine